Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Day

Had a great day at church today. In sunday school we are doing a Beth Moore study and today's lesson was about Joy and how we let others and circumstances steal the joy that God has given to us. Here are some things Beth says we let take our joy.
1. When our output exceeds our intake. Are you serving more than you are seeking?
2. When our talk exceeds or walk.
3. When we become "wonder-junkies"
4. When we are exhausted.
5. When we feel all alone.

Are you letting your joy be stolen from you. By recognizing where our joy has went we can get it back.

Lord, may we look to you for our source of joy and rest in the promises you have for us. May we be on the look-out for the joy stealers and come to you when we see those joy stealers in our lives. Amen

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